Welcome to Track is Live, a blog about motorsport marshalling in the UK.  I’ve been a marshal since May 2015, after a taster day at Cadwell that got me closer to the racing than ever before.  I’d wanted to take it up for a long time.  Racing is very important to me, and to my family.  Its a common ground that we all love and have memories of, together.  I decided it was time I put something back into racing by giving my time.  In truth, I’ve ended up getting more out than ever.

I’ve always felt a weird respect and envy for marshals at race tracks.  Like a kind of hierarchy that places them above common spectators and dedicated fans.  Above us are the officials, in a sort of invisible way, but much more obvious are the drivers.  Because everyone wishes they were racing, don’t they?  When we get a driver pull off or have an accident, I feel now that I’m more on their level than before.  Meeting famous faces, rather than asking for autographs you try to play it cool, smile, give a nod, make a joke. But we’re all fans, really. Bottom to top.


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