Places I Need to Visit

I haven’t done Brands Hatch yet. So there’s that. Indy and GP track, but GP track especially, because its the GP circuit.

I haven’t done Anglesey, although I nearly did earlier in the year. I was at Oulton Park for British GT and, having driven a squillion miles to get there, and having the Sunday off, thought, hmm, yeah, its only over there, and there’s racing today. But no, dear reader, I did not drive another squillion miles to Anglesey on a whim, because the Monaco Grand Prix was on in the clubhouse. And the Indy 500. And Steve McQueen’s Le Mans. But I should have.


Where else? In the UK, there’s Croft, and Castle Combe. And Knockhill. Closer to home, there’s Rockingham. Oh jeez, there are loads aren’t there? Hillclimbs? And sprints? The nearest are Blyton Park, which I’ve visited for a driving experience day, and Harewood House. Which I haven’t.

I wish I’d signed up for Formula E when the UK still had a couple of rounds. Hopefully that will be rectified in the future, and I’ll get the chance to put the marigolds on.

Of course, further afield, everyone wants to do Le Mans. You just have to. Before that, I’d probably want to do a 24hr of slightly less importance first, for a chance to plan my meals. Reports that if you crash at Le Mans by a French post at mealtime, you’re on your own are completely false. Probably.

Getting ambitious, there’s the Daytona 24, and the Bathurst 12. I’ve heard of a few UK marshal’s traveling to Abu Dhabi and Bahrain for F1 and endurance racing. But I burn really easily.

Knockhill it is then.


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