Track Limits Can Be Fun!

Track limits.  Bluergh.

No, wait, this is a fun one!

I was at Oulton Park, flagging for the British GT championship.  I was at… that corner.  The one with the chicane.  It goes hairpin, long right into chicane.  I was flagging the chicane.

So Abbie Eaton (former MX5 supercup champ and driver coach to the slightly starry) has brake-failure in her Maserati.  She comes in with some of the wheels locked, very fast, and a lot of sideways.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>Ps for those that are asking, I had brake failure race 1 <a href=””>#NewPantsPlease</a></p>&mdash; Abbie Eaton (@AbbieEaton44) <a href=”″>May 30, 2016</a></blockquote>

The left of the chicane is marked with a massive kerb.  The Lamborghinis where lifting both rear wheels off the ground here (rear roll stiffness high, engineers fighting understeer).  The right has a pile of tyres at the apex.  Bolted together, but not to floor.  Luckily.

Ms Eaton fought for control but when you’ve no brakes… and she clouted (definitely clouted) the tyres with the Maserati’s door.  She eventually stopped, checked for on-coming and rejoined safely, returning to the pits.  Which was sensible.

The tyres (clouted) acted with less sense, but we forgive them because THEY ARE TYRES and bounced, rolled, flew, jostled themselves across the track, across the grass, up the barrier and against a wait-high wire fence in front of a phalanx of spectators.

Who didn’t even flinch.


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