Bad Workman Blames His Tools

Being the sort of person who over-thinks everything, I decided to customise a screwdriver for incident marshaling.

I looked online for a switchable screwdriver that would fold or retract into the handle, but none looked sturdy enough. I guess most would just buy a multitool and that would be fine and you probably never use them anyway but speaking of tools I’m a spanner so chose the difficult option.

This chap retracts into the handle, has a Philips on one end and a flatty on the other. But it only retracts as far as shown in the piccy above, and I didn’t much fancy falling over off the tyre wall, in the gravel, on the slippery grass, down a rabbit hole or wherever I end up falling over, and getting penetrated by four inches of hardened steel.

So I sliced the end off (the flatty end) and machined (read ‘butchered’) the stump back into flat-headed configuration. Now it retracts safely in, I still have a good tool for undoing fasteners and other… erm, stuff, and I feel like a million dollars.

It even fits snugly in my pretentious utility belt.


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