Late last year I set out some objectives for 2017. 

I go in to this kind of thing with huge optimism and this image of myself as a driven, focused dude killing it. The kind of ‘every decision you make should be in aid of your goal’ mentality. I am not this person. I mean, I can set goals and do the thing, but the more grandiose I go… I can get carried away. BUT. Here goes. 


  • Work towards Le Mans 2018
  • Investigate safety car driving
  • Work towards experienced marshal status
  • Work towards flag specialism

Maybe I’ll make it to LM24, maybe not. But I’d love to. To that end, I’m doing as many endurance races as I can. I’ve also been learning some French. I mean, like every day. For a week. Then… Less often. Then more again.

I also want to do some new stuff, like new tracks, new series. Anglesey is on, and Croft. And I’m doing F1. Yeah.

But also need to do some different duties at the track, maybe start line or pitlane or fire tender. The trouble is that to do F1, you need to have performed the duty you’ll take a certain number of times in the last year. So if I want to flag the BGP, I need to do a ton of flagging the year previously. Organising your year around that means struggling to fit other stuff roles in.

But yeah, with a trackday done, maybe doing some fire tender would get me a little closer to safety car-ing that up. Need more trackdays. Maybe eventually an ARDS test. There’s  no chance of any racing for me, ever. Finances preclude it. So if I want to do this, I need to attack it from a different direction. 

But that’s a slow burner.


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